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The SRI Outsourcing Advantage

Have you considered outsourcing?
Information technology represents the largest single area of business outsourcing.  Some companies choose to outsource all IT processes, while others tend to outsource only project development.


Why outsource at all?
Well, some of the major reasons for outsourcing are downsizing, uncontrolled growth, financial problems, regulatory companies' requirements or simply the desire to be on the leading edge of technology.


What is the SRI Outsourcing Advantage?



Consultants can offer fresh ideas to stagnating processes.  On-staff personnel can become stuck in day-to-day activities and lose site of the bigger picture.  All too often, monotony and an overwhelming fear of change replace innovation.  SRI can cut through these problems and help you "reinvent the wheel."  Our past experiences with other organizations provide tried and true methods and ensure maximum efficiencies.  Whether your best people are too close to the issue or just too busy - or if your organization is short-staffed right now - a new outlook can get you moving again.  Our analysts have the ability to penetrate through the confusing factors, recognize the main issues and implement the best solution.



Consultants offer expertise!  Continuous improvement is one of our in-house goals, and we encourage the same thing for our customers.  We offer years of experience in Business Process and Systems Analysis, System Design, Programming and Quality Management.  We are committed to excellence.  This commitment includes working with and providing training for your staff.



Consultants offer reduced operational and overhead costs!  Not only will we implement cost saving solutions to your operations, but we can do it in less time. We will use our knowledge and contacts to obtain hardware and software products at extremely reasonable prices.


Do you need a consultant?
We think so.  We will guarantee that you receive a financially and professionally rewarding return on your investment.  Give us a call for a no cost, no obligation consultation so that you can see for yourself how we can assist you in meeting your goals!




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