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                                                   ...reasons to call SRI!

10. You have one or more automated business processes that don't “talk” to each other.

  9. You notice people printing reports from one application and keying this information into another application.

  8. Your employees spend most of their day using Microsoft Excel.

  7. You purchased Microsoft Office Pro, but you don't use Access and you're not exactly sure what it can do for you.

  6. Your customers can’t do business with you on the Internet.

  5. You have intermittent network problems that no one can seem to fix.

  4. It takes days instead of hours to do a physical inventory.

  3. It takes weeks instead of minutes to prepare month-end financial statements.

  2. You are not 100% certain that your systems are backed up completely.

     ….and the number ONE reason….

  1. Your last two software development/consulting vendors have gone out of business!


    In Louisville, Kentucky, alone over 500 software development/consulting companies have come and gone since 1985. Only 5 companies exist today that were in business in 1985. We are proud to say that we are one of those companies.*

    If you need help with your systems, call Software Resources. We have been around since 1983. Our staff has an average of 28 years of systems experience and we know what we are doing. We can get your systems talking to each other, and eliminate the proliferation of spread-sheets that may contain contradictory information.


 *  What is the average life of a software development/consulting company in Louisville, Kentucky? 3 years!  Call us for the complete results of our study of Louisville area software development/consulting companies over the past 18 years.



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