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Key Benefits:

bulletPuts the order entry function into the hands of the customer, where it can provide the most useful information.
bulletSaves time and money for our client through fewer inquiries to customer support.
bulletProvides a reliable front-end to existing print production systems.
bulletGenerates return business and inspires customer loyalty through the benefits provided by PICA.
bulletEngineered with state-of-the-art software development tools and object oriented programming techniques.


    Over ten years ago, SRI designed and developed an order entry system for a large regional printer of magazines and trade journals. From those original design meetings and discussions, it had been the dream of the owners of the company to place the order entry function directly into the hands of their customers. This would enable customers to use the order entry function as a budgeting and planning tool, and to perform their own "What If?" analyses on different printing scenarios for their publications. The hardware and software tools required to make this dream a reality were simply unaffordable, or unavailable, at that time. But the dream remained alive...


    When microcomputer hardware and development software reached the level of sophistication required to achieve the customer-driven order entry solution, SRI designed and programmed PICA, the Publishers Information & Cost Analyzer. PICA is a state-of-the-art microcomputer-based software application geared to the color publication production and printing industry. Armed with PICA, our client's customers can answer such questions as, "If I add this feature, what will my cost be?" or, "If I subtract this from my order, how much money will I save?" immediately. 


    In addition, the tight integration of PICA with our customer's existing production system breeds efficiency and inspires return business and customer loyalty. Users if PICA simply do not want to back to the old way of producing a publication.


    What is your dream for your business? Let SRI help you turn that dream into a reality.


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