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Integrate Legacy System & LAN-based Financial System

Key Benefits:

bulletAllows our client to utilize a new LAN-based financial system while benefiting from their traditional production system.
bulletProvides an affordable and deliberate bridge from the midrange to a totally networked processing environment.
bulletEnsures reliability of financial data through data replication between similar DB/400 and SQL databases.
bulletNotifies client of any discrepancies that may occur between raw materials inventories, however unlikely.
bulletLeverages the utility of software tools already available through the licensing of Microsoft Office Pro.


    Our client requested assistance in integrating their legacy AS/400-based shop floor planning and raw materials inventory system with a new client/server-based financial software package. They had a significant investment in custom-developed AS/400 programs that ran the shop floor and raw materials inventory. In addition, these systems were quite functional and a usable life expectancy of several additional years. The issue: a move away from the parent company required our client to install their own independent financial reporting system.


    SRI created a solution that employs Microsoft Access programs to synchronize the AS/400 DB/400 raw materials inventory with the inventory tables in the SQL-based financial system. When raw materials are received or consumed through the legacy AS/400 applications, the changes are automatically posted to the SQL database via AS/400 triggers. Our customer does not need to worry when raw materials are received or consumed; the data replication occurs automatically. 


In addition, our solution also provided "confidence" reporting features that alert our client to the unlikely event of discrepancies between the two databases. Our client wanted to retain the parts of their legacy system that continued to be of value, while having the freedom to select a financial application based on any platform they chose. SRI provided them the opportunity to do just that.

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