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Systems Integration: Which Way to Go?

Smooth Transitions
Legacy systems, client/server, LAN, WAN, Web-based, outsourcing... which blend of solutions is best for your business?  And how do you efficiently get to where you want to go from where you are today? 

Systems integration and transitions keep an office running and applications on the move.  Very often, legacy systems can be fully integrated into your client/server environment thus extending their useful life, maximizing your financial return on older technology and code, and making the transition to the latest technology less traumatic for your staff.  Making disparate systems "talk" to each other and engineering smooth transitions to new systems platforms is what SRI does best.

Setting up a client/server environment with your AS/400?  Want more Windows in your office and on your desktop and fewer "green screens"?  Creating a front-end or a back office system that incorporates your legacy system may be more cost efficient than an enterprise-wide system redesign.  Let us help you make the right decision, and then engineer the transition that transforms your business.

Streamline Work
If you are doing double work, you need SRI!  We make systems talk to each other even when others say they can't.  By installing triggers and procedures inside your database, we can monitor for the "occurrence" transactions and pass them to other systems automatically.  See an example of our systems integration expertise....or check out the TOP TEN reasons you should call SRI to streamline your applications.



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